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Repair and inspection service

We, at Six Moon Auto have established ourselves as a highly professional car service providers ever since our introduction in 1998. With the blessing of our Founder, Late Zarif Ahmad, and with the guidance of our their sons, Mr. Maroof Ali and Mr. Matloob Ali, we are able to provide a number of different car repair services to our clients. We boast of our well-planned services and an experience as well as trained staff, who can assist you with all your problems. We work on three ideals, which are Trust, Experience and Knowledge.
Trust is highly important in our field of work, and we understand how a car can be an integral part of you and your family. Because of this, we pay extra attention to the security of the vehicle, and always take care of all sorts of small problems inside of the car. Our service gives the same amount of importance to all the vehicles while servicing and does not differentiate between clients. Moreover, with our infrastructure, which spans across more than a 1000 meters, we can proudly say that we got all the necessary equipment needed for the servicing or repair of a car.

Professional Staff

We got a number of teams, which specialize in different tasks. Each of our repairing team is highly familiar with the working of a car, as they have worked in this field for several years. The repair team includes of more than 25+ members, each of which cooperate with each other to provide the best possible experience to the clients. They have an expertise in mechanics and working of a car, which makes them the best individuals to work on your car. They make sure that your car goes back into perfect condition, after undergoing their repairing procedure. Having all the tools needed for the necessary repair, they know several techniques, which can be used to inspect and diagnose a number of different problems, and solve even the minor problems, so that it does not hinder your driving experience.
To make the repairing process easier and more smooth, we make sure that we thoroughly train our staff and repair team. All of our teams are highly knowledgeable about the various parts of the cars. We can proudly say that our staff is highly dependable, honest, qualified and fully trained to service your car. Combined efforts of all members on our team will give you and your car a professional service. Being knowledgeable in several sectors of the car means that the number of services we provide also increased. Due to this, we are able to provide a full round servicing of the car, and can easily repair a car from any accidental damage.

Why us?

As we discussed above, we work on three ideals, Trust, Experience and Knowledge. Combining these three, and by closely interacting with our clients, we are able to solve your problems with a professional approach. Being one of the most reputed car repair service, we take pride in offering the best to our clients and their cars. By availing our services, you will be able to know about our working more closely.