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Car Insurance

A car is an important part of several people lives. This is exactly why a car insurance is so important to purchase. An insurance offers you the guarantee of money back, if your car gets involved in an accident. It is basically a contract between you and the insurance company, in which you have to pay a monthly or yearly premium.

A good car insurance policy will be able to cover several of the car expenses. We at Six Moon Auto believe in offering the best insurance policies to our clients at affordable rates. With our insurance privacy policy, you will be able to experience greater security and save money better.

The insurance policy greatly depends on the car, you own, and its price. The insurance policy is based around the car, and usually the insurance premium is a percentile of the actual car price. There are a number of different insurance policy, which can be availed through us, as we have compiled up several premium features of different insurance policies and compiled it up in our own policies.

Benefits of our Insurance Policy

We think of our clients benefits, while talking about Insurance, as people expect very much from an insurance, especially in case of an accident. Due to this, we offer Cashless Facility for all Insurance Companies, a guaranteed low premium rate for our clients, and the most comprehensive policy ever. We think of your car’s safety as our own, and we know how frustrating it can be a whole sum of money for the repair of the car.

With our insurance policy, you will be able to get expenses back up to a percentile of the actual amount paid for the repair. This applies on some parts of the Insurance, while some parts have a full 100% money guarantee, and if they are broken, your repair will be done free of any costs.

Insurance Claims and Renewals

Insurance Claims and Insurance renewals are also made easier with us, as we closely work with several private insurance offering services such as ICICI, Bajaj, Tata and many more. Insurance claims are something, which are needed in case of emergencies, and the soon you get it, the better it is.

Insurance Renewals are also highly needed in case the insurance policy expires. They are a must to be purchased, as once the insurance has expired, you will not have any security afterwards. Insurance makes a greater feeling of security, and this is lost when it is expired. It is essential to renew the policy, within the insurance period. The initial insurance period can be 6 months, 1 year or 2 years, however, this can be extended by availing insurance renewal.

You will not have to pay any extra fee for renewing the insurance than what you paid for the first insurance, it will be the same amount and depending on offers, you may also get a discount. By availing our service, you will not regret the experience we will be offering.