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Car Services

Maintaining your car in top-notch condition is necessary, and we understand this. As a reputed and professional car repairing service, we offer a number of high quality services to our clients. From repairs to car servicing, we offer all sorts of different car related services. We highly believe in 100% customer satisfaction, and want to have our clients experience the best services. All of our services are listed below:

Repairing & Servicing All Mechanical

Our repair team consist of highly professional and experienced members, who will be able to repair as well as service your car back to new. They have all the necessary equipment required for the repairing or servicing process, and due to their high knowledge in the mechanical field, they are able to process any kind of car.

Wheel Alignment & Balancing

While servicing the car, we give special attention to each car part, along with wheel alignment and balancing. Wheel alignment is important for a smooth driving experience, as if the wheels are not aligned and balanced, there is a risk of the car going out of control. We make sure that the wheels are not perfect condition, with proper alignment, and they are balanced.

Denting Painting and Accidental Jobs

Having a team of expert at repairs, we deal in all sorts of accidental damages and can also paint your car, in case of dents. Our approach towards the car is based on the type and amount of accidental damage inflicted upon the vehicle. After inspecting everything, we start the repair job, after informing our client.

Washing & Lubrications

Having your car dirt free is important for a better experience. Due to this, we offer washing and lubrications services to our clients at an affordable rate. During this process, we wash and clean all parts of the car, and lubricate several areas, nuts etc. inside of the car, so that it works as good as new.

Helpline Service

For the benefit of your car, we offer a number of different small services. Being highly knowledgeable in all aspects of the car, our staff is able to help through most problems, and if one seeks any tips or advise for their car, there is no one better than our team of professionals.

Towing Facility

In case you have been in an accident or you vehicle is not working anymore, we also facilitate our clients with toeing facilities. We will toe your car from the place where it is currently standing, once you have contacted us, and told us the place of the car. In emergencies, we will be coming to toe the car within a few minutes.

A/C Servicing

A/C is an important part of the car, as it serves as a relief in the hot weather, and in the winter, it can be used to remove the humidity from inside of the vehicle. Hoses and Seals inside of the A/C system can crack or dry out, which can ultimately lead to poor performance. We offer A/C services, so that it remains in perfect working condition, and you won’t have to worry about it.

Dry Cleaning 

As the name suggests, we perform dry cleaning on our client’s car. We make sure that no dirt is left inside or outside of the car, especially on the driver’s and passenger’s seat. The dry cleaning process is carried by a vacuum suited for cleaning of the car.

Alloy Wheel Repair Facility Available 

Along with all sorts of wheel services, such as balancing and alignments, we are also able to provide Alloy wheels repairs. Whether it be installing new alloys or repairing the older ones, we are able to do all alloy-related work.