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Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) has seen a growth in its usage over the past one decade, and the popularity of the gas is increasingly steadily. More and more vehicles are now being operated on CNG, and several cars are being now converted to CNG, as it is more fuel efficient.

The authorization of converting diesel and petrol fueled cars to CNG laid a big impact on the auto-mobile industry. Ever since then, we have seen various cars being converted to CNG fuel, and some dedicated cars being released solely running on CNG. CNG is considered one of the better fuels, and better than diesel or petrol.

CNG services

Our company has recognized the needs of our customers, and now offer all sorts of CNG services to our client. From CNG servicing, installation, and conversion to CNG Hydro Testing, we offer everything that satisfies the need of our customers. We are certified from the government to perform the conversion of cars, CNG fitment and various other activities, which are considered to be hazardous, if mishandled.

Fitting CNG Kits

CNG fitment of the kit is a delicate process, and any casualty can cause a greater harm in the future, while driving the vehicle. There have been several cases, where the mishandling of the CNG has lead to extreme accidents. We understand this, and offer the best services, with full security measures, with a number of tests ran before finally handing over the car to you.

Certified Center

We also have a certified fitment center, approved by the government, which has all the necessary equipment and machinery for regulating the CNG, and maintaining it. Our team of professionals make sure that all of the processed are taken care off inside of this place safely, without causing any harm to the vehicle.

Hydro Testing

Hydro testing is done to test the CNG cylinders, and the safety of them. Within our fitment center, we also run hydro testing to ensure that all of the CNG cylinders are reliable and safe for use. Moreover, we also provide CNG servicing, in which everything is thoroughly checked, and we make sure that there is no problem with the CNG kit.

Dedicated & Converted Cars

Whether the car is a dedicated CNG car or a converted CNG car, we are able to provide our full services to both. Some people may get confused in the features of dedicated and converted CNG, and so we have compiled up some features of both, which will help you to take the decision of converting the vehicle or purchasing a dedicated vehicle.

    Dedicated vehicles

  • CNG fueling stations dependant
  • Runs on 100% natural gas
  • Reduced HP and torque
  • Cannot turn off the fuel, even while it overheating
  • High maintenance costs
  • Expensive engine re-configurations to deal with high heat levels and 0 lubricants
  • Higher conversion costs
  • Reduced mileage

    Converted vehicles

  • Runs on nautral gas or gasoline
  • Increased HP and Torque
  • Doubles the driving range
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Can switch fuels at the flip of a switch while driving
  • Increased mileage
  • Runs on natural gas mixture + diesel
  • Low conversion costs
  • Initially Starts on diesel or gasoline to lubricate the engine, and afterwards switches to natural gas